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DeWet du Toit (Tarzan) & Rudolf du Toit

Below are a few examples of the talents and work of the WEF's two "actor" patrons: DeWet du Toit (South Africa's own Tarzan) and his twin brother, Rudolf du Toit.

TARZAN of the Jungle

- Full Movie -

King of the Jungle

The story of Tarzan in his everyday life when he suddenly crosses paths with civilized people, including Jane, whose small train was brought to a halt due to fallen trees blocking the rail tracks Read more...

Rudolf du Toit

- on location -

Description Title One

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Tarzan Trailer

- 2012: DeWet du Toit -

The Three Suspects

- a short film -

TARZAN Trailer

Link South African actor and filmaker, DeWet du Toit starring as Tarzan in the new "Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle" video.

The Making of the Tarzan Video

Link How it all started - Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle Video.

Tarzan - Deleted Scenes

Link Deleted Scenes from the new Tarzan video, starring South African born actor, DeWet du Toit as Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle.

DeWet du Toit - Tarzan

- on location -

E-TV Interview

- youtube video -

GatorFace Trailer

- Rudolf du Toit -

The Three Suspects

- Rudolf & DeWet du Toit -

Tarzan footage for UK

- youtube video -

The Making of Tarzan

- watch on youtube -

DeWet du Toit

- on location -

Rudolf du Toit

- on location -